Your Southside Team

Committeepersons & Field Organizers


Devin R. Jones


18th Ward Republican


Devin is a veteran of the US Navy, non-profit leader, small business owner (Salvare, LLC), former Theology & Latin teacher and  is now 18th Ward Committeeman. He had dedicated his life to the Ashburn community & to evangelizing the principles of self determination & the Constitution!


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Ronald & Latasha H. Fields


5th Ward Field Organizer | 21st Ward Republican Committeewoman

Ronald and Latasha are home educators, parental rights advocates, and small business owners that are invested in serving the communities, encouraging and upholding the Christian faith, conservative-family values, school choice, protecting the fundamental rights of parents, and responsible government.


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Dr. Eric Wallace

Rich Township Republican Committeeman | Chairman, African American Republican Council of Illinois

Dr. Eric Wallace has worked in the community for years developing policy & programs that offer relief to corrupt systems of government. Through Freedoms Journal Institute, AARC, and the Rich Township Republicans he has sought to change the trajectory of his community & Illinois

312 586-7044

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